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Before your consultation

Before your initial consultation you will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire covering medical history, current health issues, and lifestyle, and a 3-day food diary. Ideally you should complete and return this at least 2 days prior to your appointment. This allows time for a preliminary analysis and any necessary research so that maximum benefit can be gained from the consultation.

Nutrition Consultation

75 minutes consultation

Cost: £80

A face-to-face discussion of your health goals, past medical history, eating habits and lifestyle, followed by an assessment and explanation of the underlying causes of your health concerns, and finally recommendations and negotiation of nutrition and lifestyle changes and functional laboratory testing if appropriate.

Following the consultation you will receive an emailed individualised nutrition programme containing: dietary and lifestyle recommendations, supplement prescription (if appropriate), information hand-outs, meal ideas, recipe suggestions, and/or shopping lists. This is designed to help you optimise your health, fit in with your life and work for you. This will be monitored and adjusted as you progress.

You are encouraged to keep in touch via email or telephone and this support is included in the cost for two weeks following the consultation.

Follow-up Consultations

45-60 minutes consultation

Cost: £55

Telephone and Skype consultations are available as an additional option for follow-up consultations, time and price pro rata according to client need.

A review is scheduled 4-6 weeks after the first consultation to review your progress. Your programme is re-assessed and modified, ensuring that you continue to progress towards improved health/performance and your goals.

There are some conditions that may require a longer-term relationship for sustained management. It can take time for the body to respond and come back into balance, although you can expect to see some immediate improvements. Remember this is about addressing the underlying issues.

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You’ll also get an exclusive invite to the Facebook Whole Nutrition Community Group, offering free nutrition advice, delicious meal and recipe suggestions, group discussion, and my support as your Whole Nutrition coach.


Consultations are strictly confidential. All client information is held in accordance with current data protection legislation.

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