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Are you looking to improve your performance and endurance, combat fatigue and aid recovery, and/or achieve and maintain a healthy body composition? Would you like to build muscle and burn fat?

Is your health affecting your performance? Do you suffer with frequent colds, infections, cold sores or athlete’s foot? Do you lack energy? Do you have to rush to the toilet when you are out running or have digestive discomfort? Do you have painful muscles or joints? Is managing your weight difficult? Is your summer training tarnished by hay fever?

If you have answered yes to any of the above then Functional Sports Nutrition may be for you.

What is Functional Sports Nutrition?

Functional Sports Nutrition is often used by people to check that they are on the right track regarding diet, though more importantly it can also help with nutritional imbalances which may be contributing to symptoms of ill health. Optimum intake of nutrients also enhance performance by supporting muscle recovery, aiding injury recovery, reducing fatigue, increasing stamina and power, supporting immunity, and increasing fat burning capacity.

By attending to the health of body systems, which is obtained by appropriate nutritional and lifestyle strategies, the base of sporting performance is supported. Following your consultation, a programme will be designed based on your own individual needs. The type of sport you participate in, the frequency and intensity of training, your age, and any other health issues will be taken into consideration when designing your programme.

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